About Drawthing

The main concept and idea of this project is learning and discovering the ways in which new and modern web technologies work, the way that they cooperate with each other in order to breathe life into today's modern web applications. The main focus in this application is real-time communication between server and clients provided by WebSockets. In the process of creating this web application I have tried to explore all the possibilities and benefits that WebSockets offer. WebSockets are interesting and popular on the web today, also they are relatively new to me and that's the reasons why I chose this kind of project. Large number of guides that I've run into led me to Node.js, but I wanted to do it in PHP, and then I met Swoole (PHP framework). It supports WebSockets along with a bunch of other stuff. Been playing with it for three days, and all I can say is that it's really amazing. I want to point out that these technologies are not randomly selected. Each of them has its own purpose, and task to do (problem to solve). Below you can read more about what they do in this application.