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Drawthing Info

This is a very addictive multiplayer game which is suitable for everyone who loves art. No matter who you are, whether you are good or bad at drawing, you can still enjoy the game and have the fun time.

  • Draw your avatar

    Your first step is to draw your avatar on canvas, personalize your avatar however you wish. Next to avatar canvas, you have field for your username. Just type in your username there, and you are good to go!

  • Create / Join room

    Choose whether you want to create private room, and invite your friends or you want to play in a public room. Note that if you choose to create private room, you will automatically become room admin, so you can control which players may play and which don't.

  • Draw / Guess

    Finally, the game starts! After the countdown is over, one random player needs to choose 1 out of 3 words. Game round begins, your concentration to the maximum. You need to guess what others draw or to draw chosen word. For better score you need to do that as fast as possible, or you will loose!


    1. In every game you play number of rounds equal to number of players
    2. Each round lasts for 60 secs or 1 minute
    3. As soon as you guess word you get more points
  • Bugs, bugs and bugs... if you see one

    You can send me a message through out contact form on this page, or you can contact me directly via